The Future Of America With Patriot Union
The Patriot Union Declarationlists 10 things as goals. They are:

1. To establish that the People are the American government and that all institutional government exists to serve us.
2. To restore the Sovereignty of the States and restrain the Federal Government to the limits established for it in our Constitution.
3. To reform our Education systems so that they educate our young people on the fundamentals of Americanism.
4. To reform our Immigration System so that those that come here come to be Americans.
5. To balance the budget and pay off the National Debt.
6. To restore legitimacy to the Press.
7. To restore legitimacy in our Congress.
8. To take care of our Veterans.
9. To Develop a National Militia and State Militias
10. To end corruption in our Federal, State and local governments.

This list is not all that we can do as a Patriot Union. Indeed we can and will reform all of America's institutions through our collective will and strength. But these things are the basis around which we can all unite. On the slider below links are provided to the details of each of these 10 items and the reforms we will carry out. It's a tall order... but we will show you how you, together with the millions of other Patriots like you, can work together in the Patriot Union to see all of these reforms realized. A key point to understanding how all of this will be possible is understanding how the member's social network (that you have access to when you join the Patriot Union) empowers every one of us to force the changes we all want. So the first panel in the slider, titled 'Website Social Network' is the beginning point. Read and understand the brilliant way we will use social networking to make every member's voice heard. We will use the power of 'Assembly' guaranteed to us by the First Amendment to give American Patriots a hammer to forge a free and just America!

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