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The American Argument For Militias

The Second Amendment follows the First Amendment for a reason. The Founders declared our fundamental rights in the First and then gave the People the means to secure it with the Second.  It reads:

‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’

What does this mean? Who is the Militia? The people of the Free States are the intended Militia because they are the ones granted the right to bear arms.  And why? For the preservation of freedom requires it.  They said, “being necessary to the security of a free State”.  Again, the founders understood the human propensity to aggregate power and use it to subjugate.  And their safeguard against that was to do two things… to ensure that the right to bear arms is not infringed… and to have the People form well regulated Militias.  And ‘shall not be infringed’ is wording not used anywhere else in the Constitution.  It is a forceful statement intended to carry the weight of the responsibility of the People to maintain and secure their Freedom.

There are no provisions in the Constitution for a police force. The reason is that the founding fathers intended for the people to provide their own security. Once again, we see inherent in the Constitution their disdain and fear of institutional authority. Law Enforcement officers are not a bad solution.  The first metropolitan police forces came into existence in the mid-1800s in about a half dozen of the larger cities because the requirement of law enforcement could not effectively be managed by the local Militia. However, the Militia was an ordinary and usual component of every community in early America.

Militias can serve in modern America in two modes of service.  They can serve as a component of Police action alongside local and State Law Enforcement. And they can serve at the behest of local authorities to assist in natural disasters.  The assistance in natural disasters is easy to understand and doesn’t require much explanation. Able bodied men and women can save lives when natural disasters effect a community.  The service they can provide in man-made disasters is a more important discussion.

In modern America, with the escalation of violence and mental illness, the existence of a well-regulated Militia is becoming an imperative.  Local Police Departments do not have, and cannot maintain, the necessary police force to be able to respond to all public emergencies, whether natural disasters or manmade.  The requirement of Militia in every community is becoming evermore present. School mass shootings, attacks on sports events and concerts, and terrorism, are all threats that local police simply cannot address.  Military Special Operations have been conducted in recent years on American soil because of intelligence that organized attacks could be conducted from across our southern border on small towns and cause extraordinary loss of life.  Exercises carried out in schools and public buildings and local neighborhoods were part of the Jade Helm 15 exercises conducted by US Military Spec Ops to develop coordination between US Military and local law enforcement in the event of such attacks.  But who imagines that US Military and local Law Enforcement can be so well coordinated and so well manned that response could eliminate the extreme loss of life in such scenarios?  Only local well organized and regulated Militias can fill that role.  And every able bodied American Patriot must recognize the call to duty that the 2nd Amendment proffers.

What does the Patriot Union Seek To Provide in a National Militia and State Militias?

The Texas State Guard

The Patriot Union will work with existing Militias and State Governments to compel the development of well-regulated Militia units in every County of every State in the Republic.  These units will be under the authority of the Executive Branch, Governors, County Executives, and Mayors, and be responsive to their calls for assistance.  These County based Militias would be equipped and trained alongside Sheriff’s Deputies and be ‘on call’ when the local County Sheriff required their assistance.  They could be thought of as a ‘reserve’ police force.  And on the State level they could be considered as the State’s organized armed force for the preservation of freedom and the security of its citizens.

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