We Are A Nation Of Immigrants.
We Are Also A Nation That
Follows The Rule Of Law!

The Focus On Half Truths

The manner and style of America’s enemies is that they always focus on half-truths. We hear America’s detractors arguing for ‘open borders’, the abolishing of Immigration and Customs Law Enforcement, and the argument that ‘We are a nation of immigrants’, as the method to imply that stopping illegal immigrants from entering the country is contrary to the American ideal.  That is utter foolishness… and these arguments are based on half-truths.  Yes,we are truly a nation of immigrants excepting those that are Native American.  

But we are also a nation of borders and laws to ensure that those entering our country are not terrorists or people that intend to harm Americans. And those that argue for open borders are basically saying we should not be a nation of laws and that America can survive even with people coming to America and staying here with no intention of being Americans.  Our immigrant ancestors mostly came to America because they were deeply inspired by the vision of America and they wanted to be a part of this grand experiment in Liberty and Justice!  They came from countries where there is no rule of law or worse, tyrannical regimes that threatened both freedom and life. And they were thrilled to come to America and BE AMERICANS and enjoy the rule of law. That is the whole truth!

Being American

There is another issue to examine in the matter of Immigration Reform. It is to examine the reasons why people want to come to America.  It is not enough to want to come to America to enjoy prosperity.  It is not enough to come here to escape tyranny or oppression.  Those that want to emigrate to America must come here to BE AMERICANS! The reason America has been successful at being a ‘melting pot’ is because of the idealism of America and the enjoyment of Liberty and Justice. If we look at other societies where the people are fundamentally divided by religion or ideology or class or the stigma of social prejudice we see societies that are constantly in struggle.  The identity of Americans is Americanism.  And we must be united.

And we see right now in America the division we suffer as a consequence of a large portion of our population being deluded by other ‘isms’.  “A House Divided Against Itself Can Not Stand.”.  This quote from President Lincoln comes from the Bible, Mark 3:25, and it was declared in America because of the Civil War.  America was nearly destroyed by the division between the States over the issues of State Sovereignty and Slavery.  America must be united in vision and purpose. Those that come to this country but who are willing to violate the law to come here do not understand Americanism and they threaten the fabric of a free and just society in imagining that they’re licensed to violate the law because of their own personal suffering.  Most American Patriots are empathetic to the struggles of people living under oppression and tyranny.  Indeed we have fought tyrants in other countries throughout our history, like Hitler and other dictators, because of such empathy.  Emigrating to America must be driven by the desire to be American and be ready to live for this country's ideals and to die for it if necessary.  Those that are willing to violate the law to come here are willing to bring lawlessness with them.  That cannot be tolerated and it is dangerous to Americans.

The Issues Of Reform We Must Tackle

Solving the illegal immigration problem requires a multi-faceted approach. And all points in that approach are achievable through Patriot Union.  The matter is really straight forward but politics, and the struggle for political power, has produced a false narrative that is really coming from both sides. One side wants to oversimplify the matter and the other side wants to abolish law and order.

So American Patriots must be educated, informed and engaged in driving an agenda. The agenda includes:

Physically sealing the border means building ‘a wall’ and/or implementing other systems of surveillance that prevent illegal crossings or rapidly apprehending those that get across.

Legally sealing the border means changing laws and stopping loopholes that permit people to enter the country and remain illegally.  It also means ending the ‘magnets’ that draw people here such as sanctuary cities and States, benefits and education being provided to illegals, and a host of other things that draw people to come here,including work.  Harsh penalties for American companies that hire illegals must be enforced.

Defining immigrant qualification means both security background checks and a ‘vetting’of would-be immigrants to ascertain their commitment to being American Patriots.  If we expect American citizens to understand and defend the Constitution then we certainly must expect the same of those that want to emigrate here from other countries.  This also means verifying that those that come here as immigrants hold up their oath… so if those that emigrate are found to be working in ways that are contrary to Americanism they may forfeit their residency and be forbidden to return.

Thorough background checks means we make sure they’re not criminals or otherwise a threat to American citizens.  

Those that violate the law and enter America illegally have demonstrated their inconsistency with Americanism.  And repeat offenders must be handled with severe legal ramifications.

This agenda can be realized through Patriot Union and the raw collective political power the Union will generate. These are legal issues and law violators.  And the way to handle them is through the legislature and law enforcement.

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