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We Need A Peaceful Revolution!

The founding fathers were fed up with tyranny. The entire human history prior to them was the story of one tyrannical government after another oppressing and murdering innocent people. It was clear to them that when power rested with one, or a few elite people, or any Central Authority, that tyranny was inevitable. So, the government they designed took a unique approach and gave the power to the People. But over the course of American history, little by little, power was taken from the States and deposited into a Central Authority, the Federal Government. And what we see now in our Central Authority is the proof that power, placed in the hands of a few, inevitably leads to tyranny and oppression.

The arguments for giving power to the Federal Government were always ‘good’. Social Security, Environmental Protection, Medicare and Medicaid, and now, Obamacare, all pretend to be for the good of the People. Yet all of those things, we now see, have gigantic problems.  Added to that, this Central Authority has now walked us into $20 Trillion of national debt which threatens the future of our country and the futures of our children for generations to come. What’s more, we see that power has now been abused by political leaders and Federal Law Enforcement officials and bad actors outside of government into a thing we’ve coined ‘The Deep State’. And despite some of these figureheads having clearly violated the law, there have been no prosecutions and all efforts to see the guilty prosecuted are met with resistance.  This is happening while millions of Patriots are watching and utterly disgusted with what they see.  Why are we tolerating this?Many people are calling for ‘Revolution’.  And indeed, the kind of reform that is needed, being so massive and being opposed by powerful forces both inside and outside of government, many argue can only happen with violent revolution. But violent revolution cannot happen without a giant price in terms of loss of life and property and a destruction of the fabric of our systems of commerce. In other words… it would be the end of America.  So we must find the way to stage a Peaceful Revolution.  And this is what the American Patriot Union can provide.For such a Peaceful Revolution to be staged and for America to be a true ‘Government By The People’ a number of things must be true that are not true today. Some of those are:

And this is what the Patriot Union is designed to achieve.

Ending Centralized Government

Ending Centralized authority means returning power to the people. The only people in America today that understand what America must be are American Patriots.  And American Patriots are truly the majority. What must re-emerge is a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States where Patriots, true to our ideals and virtues, are guiding the process of Peaceful Revolution. The Patriot Union can accomplish this Revolution through collective action. The first thing that must happen is to defeat the narrative and the notion of those controlling our institutions of higher learning, and our News Media and Entertainment Media where Socialist views, antithetical to America, are being propagated.

The emergence of a strong Patriot Union with tens of millions of members will accomplish these goals.  Right now American Patriots are being treated as if they are the minority… a ‘fringe element’.  But the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency demonstrated that the collective action of Patriots can be effective despite the false reporting of the News Media and the rantings of some in the Entertainment Industry. 63 million Americans rose up and stood together to defy the narrative of Leftist Socialists and Anarchists.  What will happen when those 63 million Patriots are part of an organized Union will turn the status quo on its head and reveal to the whole of America two very important things that, as of right now, are not apparent to anyone who is not a part of it:

And when we begin to challenge the status quo and confront them with the force of millions of Patriots standing together the Peaceful Revolution will be on the march.  The American Patriot Union will be the beginning of ‘Government Of, By, and For The People, in the most true sense of it, since the founding of America.

America - Free And Just Again

As the Patriot Union rises to national prominence, millions strong, virtue and prosperity will begin to be restored.  Right now there are literally thousands of Patriotic efforts all across the country working to reform specific areas of concern to all of us.  There are efforts to reform Immigration and Education, efforts to help our Veterans and deal with the issues of PTSD and suicide. There are efforts to help citizens dealing with struggles with Federal agencies like the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management.  

American Patriots are fighting for our country on many, many fronts. But they each stand on their own and, as such, they are weak and much less effective.  The Patriot Union will change all of that. When all of these efforts are joined together in Union with all of the Patriots in this country they will become strong. Our website is providing tools that permit them to reach those in their areas that want to support them. It is also providing tools that make organizing their efforts much easier and more effective. And, though there is no fee for membership, the Patriot Union website will be able to generate the resources (money) to empower them and assist them in their efforts. Facebook generates $Billions that only profit the stockholders and Execs.  The Patriot Union website will garner the same kind of resources and they will all be dedicated to saving America. Because for this Union to be able to be the guiding light to save America it must be righteous by example. What America needs most of all is hope and the vision of once again being ‘The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave’.  And that is the commitment that all working in the Patriot Union organization are devoted to. (For a clear statement of the virtues driving this effort please visit the About page. There you will understand more clearly what the Patriot Union will stand for.)  Virtue and Prosperity must be restored. Liberty and Justice cannot be sustained without them.  For Government By The People to be great… for the American Vision to be great… her people must be great.  WE can make America great again!

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