Drain The Swamp

The Experiment Gone Wrong

The Founding Fathers’ vision for America is the grandest vision of government ever conceived in human history. A People intended to govern themselves without Monarchs or Rulers. For the first time in history a population of citizens would live in the promise of ‘Liberty and Justice For All’.  After thousands of years of tyranny… the weak suffering at the hands of the strong… a People would govern themselves by their virtue and their benevolence, one toward another.  They set up a government where power did not rest in the hands of one or a few… but where it was wielded by those whom it would serve… common men and women.  It had never been done before… never even tried before… and so it was an experiment.  Such a grand experiment provided so great an inspiration that the authors concluded the Declaration of Independence with this commitment, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”.  They felt not only that their experiment required such devotion but that, indeed, it was the providence of God that had brought it to be.  And as people from around the globe learned of it millions were inspired to leave everything in their own countries behind to be a part of it.

Would it last?  John Adams said on October 11th 1798, speaking to the Massachusetts Militia, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (read the entire speech here)Why? The answer is simple.  There is no such thing as Liberty or Justice without virtue.  Freedom relies on the virtue and benevolence and mutual respect of those that enjoy it to sustain it.  Corruption…greed, arrogance, self-righteousness, and the willingness to dominate are the character of evil. Dishonesty, lack of respect for property, hatred, ambition for power… these things corrupt with absolute certainty.  This is the testimony of history true for as long as history has been recorded.

Today, the Founders’ vision for America is obscure as we struggle with division, contention, violence and corruption.  When we look at America today we must ask, ‘How did this grand experiment go so wrong?’.

The Swamp

President Donald Trump coined a catch phrase in his campaign to show that he understood the feeling of millions of Americans about our contemporary government.  The phrase ‘Drain The Swamp’, refers to the morass of corruption that millions of Americans perceive in our Federal Government.  We see two standards of justice… one for average Americans… and one for the ‘elite’ political class in Washington, D.C..  This, combined with a long list of other corrupt realities American Patriots see in the Federal Government are the reason why it is appropriately termed ‘The Swamp’.  Abuse of power, secret deals kept from the view of the American People, Congress people voting on legislation without reading it, government waste of taxpayer funds… these and so much more have long been the source of anger and frustration for Patriots.  The push to further expand the power of the Federal Government and to force Americans to a Socialist model through Obamacare is a strong offense to Patriots.  And the clear perception of Patriots that the direction of the Federal Government moving toward Globalism at the expense of the taxpayer… and that Leftists, in and out of our government, are working in concert to destroy America and marginalize the voices and will of average Americans, brought them to first initiate the Tea Party movement and finally to elect a President who is not a politician and not, therefore, able to be manipulated by the same power interests that have long had force in moving our policy and legislation in the direction they want… a direction that is repulsive to American Patriots.  It is time to ‘Drain The Swamp’.

A Very Long Story

The slow evolution of corruption in our government is a very long story.  It is one too long to fully develop here.  Suffice it to say that several general things have happened over our history of 248 years that have moved us so far from the Founders’ vision of America.  The two general areas to focus on are the push to provide ‘security’ from our government and, on the other hand, the slow but certain corruption of our culture and our society to abandon the high ideals of virtue and morality.

Much of what moved our government further and further towards Socialism has, in fact, been propelled by arguments for ‘security’.  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and a long list of other social welfare programs have been promoted with the certain argument that they would provide security for Americans.  These arguments seem benevolent and altruistic on their face but the hidden dangers in them are that they aggregate power in a central government. As the Federal Government grew in size and power so did the purse being managed by it.  And that growing purse is a magnet for all forms of corruption and vice.  Lobbies, special interests, corporate donors to the campaigns of politicians… all these things and more have created a deep corruption in our Government.

On the other side we have the degradation of commitment to virtue and morality that has infected the American culture.  The abandonment of values, broken families, greed and corruption in the business sector, dissolving commitment to religious faith, and abject ignorance of American ideals have fractured our society and produced division and hatred… loneliness and isolation… self-aggrandizement and impunity for the rule of law and rejection of the requirement for social responsibility.  Corruption is not limited to our governments… it has infected every aspect of American life.

The story of Government Corruption is deep. And there are things that we, as Patriots, must understand if we intend to end it. It is not simple and it won't be easy. Part of the mandate of the Patriot Union is to inform and educate because that is how we build consensus for change. If you are ready to gain a fuller understanding of this topic, click here for a more comprehensive explanation of this extremely complex matter.

The Patriot Union Is The Only Way

The vision of the Patriot Union is about far more than the enumerated list in the Patriot Union Declaration of Purpose.  The agenda of the Patriot Union is to produce a peaceful revolution in America.  Our ambition, as Patriots, is to see America restored and revitalized.  And truly, it is only by building a Patriot Union and through it, to establish a beacon of purpose and hope, that we can make America great again.  To survive America doesn’t just need to stop moving down the path it is on, it needs to find a new path to a  future that is truly free and truly just.

Another thing that history illustrates is that it is usually a small group of righteous individuals who, through their devotion to what is right and good, demonstrate for the masses that a new path is possible and preferable.  This was true at America’s founding and it will be true in this new revolution.  The Patriot Union must not only stop America from continuing down the path to tyranny, it must provide solutions and inspire coming generations to a different approach to solving our societal problems and providing societal needs.  What we are pursuing is not really ‘new’ but rather a reorientation to the ideals of our Constitution and the obligations and responsibility that Liberty and Justice require.  Over our long history we wandered away from those things and have gotten lost.  There is no group or political party in America, at present, that can meet the task. This is why we must form an American Patriot Union.  The direction of America and the solutions for our future can only be guided by those that understand what America is and love it enough to fulfill the job requirement.  Please join together with the millions of Americans that are beginning to stand and work together.

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