US Congress - The Voice Of The People?

This Is Not Representative Government

The Founders intended for The People to govern through a ‘representative government’. Most adult Americans know this.  But if you ask Americans if they feel represented the quick response is ‘No!’. The Legislature makes laws. The laws are supposed to represent the will of the majority. But US Congress is being driven largely by Lobbyists and special interests that are working with the support of their backers providing large sums of money.

And that is compounded by political leaders that will promise anything to their constituents only to arrive in D.C. and begin imagining they are ‘leaders’ that are qualified to decide how we should be governed rather than responding and fulfilling the demands of those they supposedly represent.  The approval rate for the US Congress is, at the time of this writing, only about 19%.  (And we would argue that this 19% can’t possibly know what’s going on in US Congress!)

Another problem thwarting representation of the People is the way Congress works. The Party system has produced a Congress where the members vote by caucus and this forces all elected representatives to vote with their ‘team’.  Their team leaders are focused on acquiring and maintaining power.  If that means ignoring what the people want… then so be it.  They argue that maintaining control is paramount and this means the people get ‘pushed to the back of the bus’.

The Patriot Union Declarationalso states that reform must happen with the voting process.  There is massive fraud taking place in our elections… dead people voting, ballots of the elderly being stolen and filled out by fraudulent election officials… and more, are making our election process illegitimate.  And now, even more sinister, we have certain States declaring they are sanctuaries for illegal aliens and permitting them with State IDs that will allow them to vote in US elections!  These things cannot be permitted to continue.  All of them mean that the votes of American Patriots are nullified and thus representation is nullified.

How The Patriot Union Will Restore Legitimacy To Congress

Reform must happen in all these areas:
1. Campaign Finance Reform
2. Voter and Election Legitimacy
3. Reform To The Legislative Process

As American Patriots we face another issue regarding our representation.  All too often we vote for candidates from the GOP because, well, at least they aren’t Marxists! But those we help elect don’t really understand what we want or how many we are.

They imagine every one that votes for them is a Republican but millions of those voting are Constitutional Patriots or Libertarians.  And all of this together means that the things being demanded by Patriots are ‘on the back burner’.  Millions of Americans demanded the repeal of Obamacare (that is, after we demanded that it not be signed into law in the first place!). Yet, despite two years into the Trump Presidency it is still the law of the land. Patriots demand getting the national debt and deficit under control… nothing change.  They demand that those that have broken Federal laws be indicted and prosecuted… nothing happens.  American Patriots, being voiceless and marginalized are fed up with being ignored.  That is the reason why we must build a Patriot Union.

One of the biggest steps building a Patriot Union will achieve is that American Patriots will no longer be the ‘bastard stepchild’ of the establishment GOP.  As we come together two things will become real… they will know how many we are… and they will know what we want.  They will also know that, because we are united and organized, we will not be ignored.  They will quickly understand that we are electing them and that we have a clear list of demands that they will either ‘represent’ or they will be removed from office, either by elections or by recall.  And recall is enhanced by the formation of the Union because we can quickly identify the need for booting someone out of office that is not representing us… and quickly make it happen!

Through collective power we can begin driving the agenda and the narrative.  We can end the funding of special interests.  We can drive the funding of those reforms we insist on…. Such as ensuring that our veterans are cared for and seeing bad legislation repealed.  We can literally take the reigns of government in our collective hands and guide our Federal and State governments down the path we determine for them.  Virtually all elections in America are decided by margins not greater than 10%.  There are about 150 million people in the electorate.  This means that with a Patriot Union of 15 million people willing to work, and vote, in concert… we can change the face of America and put her on the path to restoration.  68 million American Patriots elected Donald Trump to the office of President despite all of the efforts of the establishment GOP and the American Left, with its control of the news media, to stop us from doing so.  We can save America by being united and working as one.

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