Should We? Shouldn’t We?
Americans Must Decide!

WARNING: Head Spinner!

The discussion of Balancing The Budget is extremely complex.  It’s about economics. For the majority of people, except for certain strange individuals called ‘economists’, this discussion makes people’s heads spin.  But we are to be a Government By The People so it is important for every American to have some inkling of understanding about what’s going on with the Federal Budget, Deficits and Debt.  Our National Debt is now over $20 Trillion and that presents some risk…depending on other factors.

What many Americans have trouble accepting is that the Federal Government, by the actions of those in Congress, seems to have no concern over the debt and are unfettered in their willingness to increase it.  That may become a serious problem, again, depending on many factors.

As a governing body Americans need to recognize several things.  The evolution of a Central Authority, as we have in our Federal Government, happened for many reasons and some of those reasons are argued to be good.  For example, the spending of the Federal Government creates jobs and is integrally connected to our National Economy.  The Federal Government is ‘Big Brother’ and Big Brother is both good and evil…relatively speaking.  Some of what it does is good.. some is not… and the larger discussion must be about the size and power of this Central Authority.  When it becomes to large it presents the threat of tyranny. A quote dubiously attributed to Thomas Jefferson states, "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take away everything that you have."  And whether Jefferson said it or not the truth of it is obvious.  What we’re discussing here highlights the issues that Americans must understand in the arguments of ‘Liberty vs. Security’.  Allowing anything to become too big means you may have to watch out for it because it may step on you. And all of the choices that led us to this gigantic bureaucracy we now have in our Federal Government were made without considering what they would result in… the threat of tyranny.

The Patriot Union will work to provide the platform and the vehicle for American Patriots to understand this issue and to drive the agenda that comes from that understanding.  One thing is certain… if we continue to permit the Federal Government to grow in power and control we will inevitably suffer for it.  This is an American discussion and all Americans must be engaged in it.

The link below will take you to an article written by Kimberly Amadeo, an economic analyst for the website ‘The Balance’.  It is a fairly comprehensive presentation on the key issues.

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