Building A Revolution!

Help Us Build This Site And The Union Org

The vision of the Patriot Union is driven by the highest standard of selfless service and patriotic devotion. This is the legacy that America was founded on. The authors of the Declaration of Independence closed that document with the following statement:

"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

This is the spirit that is driving this movement. At this time every person working to build the Patriot Union is a volunteer... and indeed... all of the resources that have brought us this far have been provided by the volunteers.

It is not possible to save America without a standard that manifests such high ideals. The plague that has poisoned America... that is eroding Liberty and Justice... is the plague of profit above purpose, selfishness above service, personal satisfaction rather than virtue. If we intend to save America the Patriot Union organization cannot manifest any other standard than true Patriotism and dedication to a 'higher calling'. This is the standard that formed this country and authored our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. It is driven by the belief that America was established by Divine Providence and that we are beholding to a righteous Creator.

In time this movement and the organization will grow. The Patriot Union staff will inevitably require paid employees working full time to fulfill the many tasks that will be required. But a requirement of every person involved will be a complete dedication to the ideals and goals we are pursuing. This is the only way we can foster a change in our culture as well as reform in our government. And without a change in our culture America will not survive!

So, if you are compelled to give your hard earned money to this effort we will be responsible for it. You can also help us by visiting the Patriot Union Store and buying something from our branded merchandise. (Then you get to promote our effort too!) Our pledge is this... no one that works as part of the Patriot Union staff will ever be paid anything but the humblest of salary and no one of its leadership will ever become wealthy as a consequence of their work for the organization! You have my absolute commitment to that pledge... so help me God! - Michael Hutton, Founder