March 2, 2021

We Are At War With Evil For America

The battle between Good and Evil has been waging since the beginning of human history.  And we, the human population, are the battlefield.  At our first look at this battle I want to point out that it is not about winning elections or fighting against bad legislation or any such thing.  It's about what is going on in the hearts and minds of people.  Now, first of all it is important to say that all people matter... all people have a role to play.  But it is also important to understand that certain people matter more to the entire process of the battle.  What virtue and goodness exists in certain people is the catalyst for any meaningful battle to be started, fought, and won.  What war has ever been fought where certain individuals were not key to the outcome?  When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor America was already 4 years into a war fighting the Nazis.  We were pressed to our limits.. we had stopped making coins out of copper and nickel and other metals so that we had the raw materials to make bullets.  Patriot women took on the roles they had to so that their men could fight.  But when that hateful act was exacted against our navy the response of good Americans was to rise up and stretch beyond their limits to take on another enemy on another front... cowardly as that enemy was... great American Patriots responded with grim and fierce determination to stop them.

In the American Revolution there were key players.  We know their names... Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison... and many more.  They were the figureheads through which important discussion was initiated and key roles were assumed.  They fostered the ideals that drove the Revolution.  They stimulated the thinking of countless numbers of others that ended up taking up arms and fighting against tyranny.  They established the clear sense of action that was necessary in order to establish a new government and to be the visionaries that saw how that new government must be established.  Now we stand at the crossroads of a new era in America's history and the wolves are at the door.  

Tyranny has always worn the same mask.  It pretends to be your friend and it argues quasi moral platitudes as it justifies its tyranny.  These beasts that we see emerging before us... these thieves and liars... these pretenders of righteousness and goodness... to those that have eyes to see they are as transparent as any that have come before them.  They intend to enslave and all they can do is show their hand with every action because the absence of virtue in them prevents them from doing anything else.  They feign to protect the needy but they act to injure all their opponents.  They say they want to silence the wicked but really they seek to silence those that would expose them.  Their is no goodness in them.

But what are we doing here?  What is this Patriot Union?  It is the gathering of Seers and visionaries that, driven by their agony over watching Liberty and Justice die, have begun to gather together in the far-fetched fantastic notion that we, through standing together and fighting, against all odds, can win the blessing of God and become the substance of a miracle.  I pray that it becomes an ever growing awareness in the hearts and minds of Patriots that the power, the energy, the will, and the vision, to change America lies with those that know her and love her.  The GOP is not going to save us... it is an apparatus that we must gain control of and make do our bidding.  The same is true with our courts, our State's legislatures and executives, our city and county councils, our school boards, and all of our education and news institutions.  How do we do that?... Patriot Union.  I will keep saying it until that awareness is fully planted in every heart and mind of every Patriot in America.  WE ARE THE SOLUTION!  

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