March 16, 2021

Is The US A Corporation?

Not long after I created the Patriot Union Facebook group I began to receive contact from persons asserting that the United States is no longer under the Constitution of the Founders and that subsequent acts by Congress have transferred rule to foreign authorities, or bankers or others, depending on which line the person takes in interpreting certain documents and acts and sets of legal code.  I did a fair amount of research into this matter because I feel that it's vitally important to this effort of building a Patriot Union to understand the realities of the circumstances we are in.

I also have gotten connected with some very reliable voices in the Patriot community, such as well known Constitutional authority Kris Anne Hall, and I contacted her about this issue to get her opinion.  She was very gracious in providing a well organized response with much legal reference to establish her position.

My reason for revisiting this issue is because recently I have begun hearing and reading a lot of reporting of this in social networking and conversations I'm having with people that are well respected members of the community.  And my reason for this post is not to debate the merits of this assertion that the US is a corporation or what that may mean to any or all of us.  I have responded in the past, and do so again here, that, in some way, whether or not any of this is true is insignificant to this Union and generally insignificant to the realities we all face as Americans.  My response is, no matter what is true legally with regard to the status of the United States we are clear that corrupt forces are working to destroy America and the solution we are moving forward with this Union solves all possible scenarios.  The Declaration of Independence states, "...Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”   This is a vitally important premise of the vision of the APU because what we're building is a movement that exerts, with its collective force, its consent, or withdraws it as necessary, in order to guide the process of governance.  Let me explain this more simply by analogy.  If the whole body of the American People declared they were no longer being governed by the President, Congress, the Judiciary and/or the Constitution... that would be the end of power in any of those things.  And it would be to the People a requirement to write a new Constitution and establish a new government.  And this is not only true for the US of A... it is true for any body of people.

So, whatever the legal status of America... we are still building the solution.

Now, what concerns me about these kinds of things is that they are diverting people's attention from the task at hand.  And there are a lot of items of discussion out there that are doing the same thing.  All the theories about who is running what... The Bilderburgs, Rothschilds, the FED, the Illuminatie, etc., and what the legal status of the US is, are all things that, when the people are in control, can be sorted out and, if needs be, corrected.  The obsession with 'knowing' these things, I think, can be more about people wanting to feel like they have special 'insider' knowledge than actually having information that is necessary to change things.  What good does knowing any of this provide?  Does it help us change the paradigm?  I don't see how it can.  If someone does... I am happy to listen.  But for me, the bottom line is, evil is driving America to tyranny.  And it is our duty to stop it.

I have provided links there that give some information and perspective to consider.  Let me be perfectly clear again... I am not here to tell people what is true or isn't true.  I see no point in that.  But when people get focused on things that are not actually providing them with a clear path to solve a problem.... they are contributing to the problem.  So, if this is a thing of interest to you please read and weigh the information, draw your own conclusions, and hold them in your heart and mind.  The issues we discuss in this forum should primarily be about our focus on the agenda of the APU.  Feel free to discuss whatever you like.  And the last thing I'll say is this... should real oppression fall on us all.... and I believe that is inevitable if we do not stop it... once it has everyone will reflect on what they were doing with their time and hindsight is always 20/20, as they say.  Our best solution to stand against the monster that threatens us all is to see this Union grow to be bigger and more powerful than it is.

In the interest of being comprehensive and fair to all opinions I am including a link here to the website of Anna Von Reitz. Ms. Von Reitz is one of the leading proponents of the effort to educate individuals about some of the legal arguments relative to the status of the United States and the status of citizens in the US. I leave it to everyone to educate themselves and make their own decisions regarding all of this.

Anna von Reitz

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