March 24, 2021

America Under Siege

I think that most Patriots in America are hunkering down... resigned to the long painful period ahead of us... uncertain of what change will come... and even more uncertain about what to do about it.  And I think despair is setting in in many Americans hearts.  I have said for years that one of the most important things we can provide, as a Patriot Union, is hope.  It is challenging to remain hopeful when one is faced with relentless evil, but that is what separates 'the men from the boys' (or the women from the girls).  Courage is not the absence of fear... it is the determination to act bravely in the face of fear.  Heroism is not devoid of either challenge or fear.  Heroism comes when a person faces what must be done and does it in spite of all fear, fatigue or even the lack of will to do it.  It is done because love drives it that ignores all other things.  The greatest heroes are those that act with such virtue even without recognition.  I think that some parents are the greatest heroes and the family is the place where heroism is most commonly demonstrated.  Parents get up, day after day, and go to work and clean the house and maintain the needs of the family and they often do so without recognition... and even sometimes, being taken advantage of or taken for granted.  But they do it out of love.  There are some members of this group that are true heroes.  I won't mention them by name but I want to acknowledge them.  They are people suffering with extraordinary challenges of health... rejection by their families and friends... or enduring other hardships faithfully.  Indeed, I believe that the majority, if not all, of our members, are exceptional people... 'the cream of the crop'.  They love America deeply and believe fiercely in her ideals.  They mourn what is happening in our beloved country and they want desperately to change it.  They have joined this effort in hope, believing in the ideal of it, because they want to save America.  They are heroes.

I feel obligated to all of you that are members.  I didn't hold out the hope of this Patriot Union without intending to see it manifest.  And I will tell all of you frankly that I am desperate to see it succeed.  I will also confess that I am searching for the way to see that happen.  From time to time, as a person of faith, I come to a crossroads where I am driven to pause and consider the strategy I am following.  And honestly I stop and ask God what He would have me do next.  It is futile to imagine that anything meaningful can happen without His blessing and assistance.  In fact, He has to lead the way.

Attacks are coming at us on all sides.  Our rights are being attacked... freedom of speech... freedom of religion... right to privacy... the right to bear arms... and our border is once again being opened up for millions of illegal immigrants to flood into the country.  There are some good things happening in response.  I believe a lot more people at the upper echelons of conservative leadership, both politically and in the private sector, are waking up to the reality that America is under siege by her enemies and they are right in our midst.  And I think it is evermore obvious that the business-as-usual approach to dealing with this evil is not going to work.  Even pastors in many of our Churches have begun to speak out about what is happening in our government as they recognize the fundamental assault on religious liberty that is coming out.  As things grow worse and worse many are becoming engaged.

Now... my intent in this post is not to take away hope or to discourage or foster fear.  But my vision demands that I speak the truth.  Ten years ago I began telling people that we would experience tyranny in a very short time.  And I am telling you now that it's just around the corner.  No one wants to hear this and the problem is that too many Americans do not know what real tyranny looks like.  We've never experienced it or even been directly exposed to those that have.  So, I'm going to lay out what I see coming.

The fundamental philosophical and ideological conflict will become an examination of how American ideals of faith and family are 'racist' and 'discriminatory'.  We already see the attack on liberty saying that some speech must be restrained as 'hate speech'.  We are also now beginning to see the attack on the Church because of its definition of family, its condemnation of homosexuality, and its stand on morality in general.  These are the two main battlefronts and we will see a focused attack on both.  The 'Equality Act' is the first assault as it seeks to define what is moral as it promotes that 'gender equality' supersedes the Christian definition of family and morality.  This is a back door attack on the Church.  It is equally an attack on freedom of speech.  A few years back the Canadian government passed laws saying that people had to use the pronouns of choice in describing other people... 'him' and 'her' not being defined by biological sex but rather by the individual's choice.  And a person can literally be taken to jail over failing to be obedient to the state defined speech.  This will be pushed in America and if it succeeds that will become the background for attacking people of faith over their position.  Ultimately what this will lead to is the Supreme Court being put into the impossible position of having to decided what takes precedence, freedom of speech and religion, or equal treatment under the law.  The evil Left is going to push this agenda in the effort to further destroy the substance of nuclear family and all hinged moral premises.  Pastors will be arrested for their sermons when/if that succeeds.  Christians will be openly persecuted for teaching the Bible.  And what comes along with this expanded persecution is madness in our society and the evil of chaos and mayhem that comes along with it.

Simultaneously the attack on the right to bear arms will advance and the economy will be dragged down.  The Left's goal has always been to break the back of the middle class and that means an economic and moral assault on individual liberty.  People will not be permitted to raise their children as they see fit.  And all of this will be moved forward with the smiling lie that 'it's for the good of all mankind.'  

The Church will fall under persecution and the patriotism of average Americans will become the excuse for scrutiny.  Rights will become privileges and then they will become extinct as they are replaced with what the State decides is proper.  The only good thing that will come out of all of this is that every single Patriot in this country will wake up to the threat.  The persecution of the Church will winnow out the ones that are not truly devoted to the message of the Gospel and the oppression of the masses will call all Patriots to the defense of Liberty and Justice.  And those two groups will join together to form a Patriot Union... regardless of what it is called... and begin to fight with intention and focus to stop the evil.  I am working to prepare for that time.

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