January 6, 2021

A Day For Prayer

This Day is a Day For Prayer.  But why do we pray?  How do we pray? For what should we pray?  Let me be clear at the outset, my intention is not to judge or condemn.  We need to answer these 3 questions in our own minds and hearts.  The Bible says that the prayer of a righteous man can affect much.  The problem in America may very well be then, that there are too few righteous men and women.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning.  I don't usually do that. But when I awoke all that was on my mind was to pray and so, I began praying.  I have been ill for the past several weeks and my body still has a lot of pain in it... not feeling quite right.  I believe I've been sick with coronavirus although I never went to be tested.  I generally don't like going to doctors... I don't have a lot of faith in them for dealing with viral infections or common colds.  So, my general philosophy is, if my body is managing to fight the illness I don't try to take a lot of drugs.  This illness was different.  I felt right from the beginning that the fever and aches were different. I had some antibiotics that were prescribed for respiratory infection after I was in the hospital for kidney stones not long ago. I thought it was strange that the doctor prescribed antibiotics... I'd never been prescribed antibiotics after a kidney stone episode.. so I checked out the prescription online and learned the antibiotic was specifically for respiratory infections.  I'm sure they were prescribing these drugs to everyone that went through the emergency room as a prophylactic to cope with coronavirus.  But I kept them around just in case.  I started taking them the 2nd day of fever and it took 2 days before the fever broke.  But the point is... antibiotics effect me in lots of bad ways... as they do many people... to the point that I sometimes feel the cure is worse than the disease.  So when I woke up this morning I was feeling all kinds of rough, but I just felt compelled to pray.

Why do we pray?  We pray to commune with God.  We pray because God wants us to pray... to spend time with Him... to hear His voice through praying as He guides our thoughts and moves our spirit.  We pray because it comforts us as we lay things that trouble us in His hands.  And we pray because it is through prayer that we receive revelation and are blessed by His light to see what we cannot see otherwise.

How do we pray? Often times when I begin to pray I have trouble getting focused.  My mind wants to touch on all sorts of things and I can find myself stopping and thinking about that and feeling like I'm not doing a very good job of praying.  But inevitably when I come to that point I stop and I acknowledge that it is God prompting me to stop thinking I need to be sure and cover all the points and instead just know that I am there to be with Him and consider who He is.  I forget that He is the God of creation... that at a word He spoke this vast universe into existence... that there is nothing beyond His sight or His reach.. that He knows all things.  He knows all my fears and anxieties, all of my weakness.  And it is when I come to that place that I know how to pray because I come to the place of understanding my absolute need for Him. Until a person comes to that place... to the place of understanding our complete need for His presence and Spirit to live inside us... that we can do nothing without Him... that we are blind without His light, deaf without His voice, lame without His strength... we do not know how to pray.

Then comes the answer for what we should pray.  We must pray for Him to be the breath inside us.  That we should be alive and not the dead men and women we are without Him.  We must pray for Him to be first above everything else in our lives so that His love can work through us and breathe life into everything we do and everything we touch.

America is in this hell... in this place where corruption and evil have infected everything... where blindness and ignorance are commonplace... where lies are told with impunity... where deception has become the hallmark of our society... where our culture is driven by greed and self-promotion... where young people, driven by hatred and resentment, lash out at the world around them... where courage and valor are concepts read in books... where every kind of lust and desire is licensed to brazenly proclaim its legitimacy without shame or blush.. and where we, as a whole society, have given ourselves the excuse to hate our fellow man because of all of it... as if we are clean and righteous.

Today is a day for prayer.  If we want to see a change in the world around us there must be a change in us.  It is a day to say to God, 'I have failed you... I have turned my back on you... I am responsible for letting this evil flourish without resistance... and I ask you God to open my eyes and change my heart so that your Life can flow through me.'  I am praying for a miracle to happen in DC today.  I'd like to see the millions of Patriots that have arrived there to demand what is good and right fall on their knees in prayer before our righteous God and seek His forgiveness.  Because I promise you that until we become a people who are so willing, in humility, to confess our own failure and unrighteousness, God will permit us to be carried into captivity.  God is not asleep. He cares.  And He is ready to show His power the moment that His people hear His voice.

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