Honor Our Heroes

Paying Tribute To Our Veterans

When this page is fully developed Patriot Union members will be able to post information about the Armed Services Veteran Heroes they want to Honor. The page will contain a list of these service members and links to pages where they are memorialized and honored. Members will be able to provide the stories of their service as well as photos that tell their stories in images. The lists will be divided by branch of service and further divided into lists organized by the war(s) they fought in and, eventually, by the battles they fought or died in. This will permit members to locate the stories of their compatriots with whom they served, or to see the names and stories of those that their heroes served with.

The page will also provide links to pages managed by other groups and organizations that are honoring our heroes.

This is another way that we unite in a Patriot community with respect and purpose for America and her champions.

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