The Founders in 2020 Political Election Theft

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Founders in 2020 Political Election Theft

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry in this teaching seeks to furher your education in a doctorate of the 2020 election theft of Joe Biden, MI6, Mosaad and the Chinese PLA, into the Foundations of the America, and the genius of the Founders minds, because the final fail safes of a dead Republic are playing out before your eyes and ears, and it is why you are filled with anxiety, frustration and fear, as you know something is wrong.

Like all of us, as a child, I had no idea what the Founders were engaged in, in this theory of a Republican form of Government to form a more perfect union. All of us had a precursory understanding as the Government worked and things like the Electoral College seemed redundant and undemocratic really.

In 2016 AD in the year of our Lord though, we became aware fully of the nature of the Founders, in what the basis of their entire political theory was involved in, and that was the Majority governs with minority rights. This is the basis of the Constitution, the Articles and the Amendments in the rights of the many and the rights of the few. The Declaration of Independence is an exact such document, in what happens when an entire nation, backed with a police state, refuses to bring redress to the basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of moral happiness.

The Declaration declared that it is the Right of the People to form a new Government to protect those rights, and through a series of Articles of Confederation to the Constitution, America was founded by actual experience in the limits of a confederacy and failings and the necessity of placing limits on a federal union where it would not infringe upon States Rights.

Our Founders were genius. They read historical government and leadership volumes. The write of the Declaration in Thomas Jefferson was consulted by the author of the Constitution in James Madison, and from this the most God gifted minds in the history of mankind met in Philadelphia, shocked at first as they had been sent there to fix the Articles of Confederation, and instead discovered that James Madison had produced a new document of a Federation of the individual sovereign States of America.

As John Adams stated, a Constitution was only as lawful as the men serving that limited form of Government, and when crooks gained the controls, the Constitution would become worthless as they would not be limited in what they did.

The great erosion which took place were the financial interests which President Andrew Jackson railed against as the Founders did, gained access by corrupt politicians to the US Treasury in voting themselves money, or as the treacherous Franklin Roosevelt moulded the conspiracy in handing money to corporations for war, and handing money to people directly to bribe them to support regime programs while they illegally taxed the public more and more to their financial ruin.

One can see this in Joe Biden, in the corruption behind him, the foreign intrigue and the hijacking of American elections against the Will of the People, as conglomerate media who have moved to rule America as their own fiefdom control all media and with the courts and federal agencies moved to criminalize America. The rot is from Washington City to every State and Hamlet. The corpse is to big though by design that the individual can not do a thing to remedy it, and if groups attempt, they are criminalized by the police state which  protects the leviathan. In essence, what is 2020 is 1776 in the same tyranny is now rampant.

With that understanding and comprehension of the history of what the Founders experienced, and now with your experience of political corruption and the terror of the police state, the Lame Cherry can now begin this dissertation on the Founders in the final fail safes when a Republic is dead, because a living Republic would never require the fail safes which are being triggered. That is vital to remember in all of this, in what you are witnessing would not be taking place if America was not full of corruption.

We know of the Electoral College, the measure implemented by the Founders to save the Union from tyranny, but the Electoral College is not the only fail safe, instead it is the first pressure relief valve which blows on this political engine, and by design of time, it is to engage a pause in the heat of political rhetoric, so the majority which wins legitimately or illegitimately can offer the assurances to the defeated that their rights will be maintained. That offering was not made and the pressure relief valve in 2020 actually blew out the entire area and has been venting hot political steam ever since.

The Founders anticipated this, and this is what is the beauty of their God given genius in none of this was ever constructed previously in all of human history, and yet they in their discussion and debates crafted a progression of fail safes to attempt to save the Union which was an engine on fire, and the vehicle it was powering was crashing to it's death.

The Courts were to be just and to bring voice and redress to thee offended parties. Instead the courts threw out cases, hid being Franklin Roosevelt's stacked courts of "STANDING" which is not in the Constitution and the greatest of scoundrels in Chief Justice John Roberts refused to hear the cases, and in an absolutely contemptuous scheduling against the People, docketed the President's case after the election thief Joe Biden would be sworn in. The Founders anticipated such corruption in the highest of institutions and attempting to salvage the blown engine for repairs.

This then throws the fail saves of removing this from the Federal and into the States, where the State Courts and State Legislatures are to overcome the corruption of stolen elections, elicited by the Governors and Secretaries of State of the known corrupt swing states. That redress did not take place and the engine blew off a few more parts as more hot gases escaped.

The reality is the People are informed of the corruption of stolen elections, but the State remedy has been blown again, in the Will of the People has been extinguished in States Rights ended in December of 2020 and State Tyranny initiated from behind the closed doors of corruption.

This is where the Founders stepped in again to save the Republic, as this has moved from the mob, to the Governance of the Constitution to remedy, to the States in their Rights away from the Federal, and now the Founders concentrate the power into the rugged individuals.

The Articles specifically reveal that when an entire majority is corrupt, then this devolves to the necessity of one House member of the People to object and contest the election, and when seconded by one Senator, then the certification of ballots for President, moves to an adjourned Congress to separate House and Senate debates. The House voting not as members but one vote for each State who will be President, from the People, and the Senate voting from the Government in who will be Vice President.

The Founders though placed one fail safe which seems out of place in this protection of a dead Republic, because for all their attempts to end tyranny, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay in the Federalist Papers provide incites into their genius and understanding in once democracy or rule of the mob ends, then tyrants are in power by corruption and the only rememdy is another tyrant to be created for an instant, and that tyrant is the Vice President of the the unUNited States.

The Articles state that the Vice President presides over the Senate, so he is a Congressman. The Articles state he is Vice President, so he is Executive. The Articles state he judges the Electoral College ballots, so he is Chief Justice of the United States in presiding over Congress for these few moments.

This is what is so wondrous of the Founders in without any example to prove their theory, they created this last of the fail safes of a tyrant in the United States who is thee embodiment of all three branches of Government for one day. To prove that even the greatest minds in history had no idea what the Vice President was to protect America, everyone has stated the Vice Presidency is the most powerless job in the world, and it only proves their ignorance, because when the Republic is dead, the Vice President becomes thee most powerful position in the world to either resuscitate the Republic or bury it.

The Vice President was deemed by the Founders as the last link to a legitimately elected Government in the Executive. This recognized stability was hoped for that a sitting Vice President, representing the Executive President would rise to protect the continuity of Government, from the sources of corruption.

Aaron Burr failed. If Mike Pence fails, there is not a Thomas Jefferson who will be legitimately elected as Donald Trump to preserve the Union.

The Vice President when he receives the Electoral ballots, has Constitutional Authority to set aside corrupt ballots on his own judgment. The Congress has no authority in this at all. The Vice President receives the ballots, but the Vice President judges which ballots are presented before Congress for a vote to certify them.

Corrupt ballots are to be set aside by one man in the Vice President and if the Vice President is corrupt, it then throws one more fail safe in the objections by the House member and the Senator seconding which the Congress then not as Federal but State majority representation in how their State voted by political group, then is to save the Union by electing the President who was elected, but thee election was stolen from that candidate.

In the 1880's, the mice of men in the Congress passed a law to attempt to clarify and set a process for the objections, but what Congress did is unConstitutional and not what the Founders established, for what the 1880's Congress did was instead empower tyrants in Congress returns authority to State Govenors who already were part of the corruption problem and then states that corrupt electoral college votes are the ones to be accepted. This is not redress, this is establishment of dictatorship by tyranny as the Will of the People has been overcome by empowering the very corrupt actors who began this insurrection.

The Congress is to vote in each house for President and Vice President and to keep voting and stay in session until the legitimate victor is chosen. If that does not take place, then the Founders leave the Articles behind for they understand that the Will of the People is being vanquished, and this entire corruption requires other means.

As we have moved through this, we have moved from the mass of people voting, to the representative Government, to the Courts  and then to the massive blowing of a series of pressure relief valves. The Founds comprehended that when all the valves were blow, that the Constitution was not being abided by and that tyranny and corruption prevailed as before 1776.

The Founders at this point have left the Articles as corrupt officials will not administer the rule of law, in representatives like John Thune and Mitch McConnell, in their tyrany of not abiding by the Articles and instead projecting tyranny in 1880's Congressional upsurpation of the Constitution.

It is here the Founders return to the Executive in the sitting President, as legitimate Authority of the Constitution. When secession reared it's head under President Andrew Jackson, he threatened to lead the Army himself to the South and destroy the insurrection. That is what the Founders rested the power in a President to not be wrested away by corruption, but to use that power in the time from the first week of January, until March, when the Inauguration was orginaly set. Again that is a change in the Constitution, which the Founders put into place in 5 months were alloted the sitting President to crush tyranny and corruption and restore order. Again, we see the Founders genius, and the horrid mistake in changing the Inauguration to January. It requires time of months to restore a Union, not weeks. Presidents have been hindered and the nation harmed by this move for speed, which places America in jeopardy in 2020 and proves the Founders were right again.

The Founders placed in the President, as Commander in Chief, the Constitutional Authority to protect America against enemies foreign and domestic, as General Washington did, as President Andrew Jackson did and as President Abraham Lincoln did. The use of military force is authored to the President and this is where the Founders devolved to, when the rule of law has been vanquished, when tyranny reigns, it falls to the last legitimately elected official, in the President to save the Union by calling out the standing Army and the armed Citizens AKA the Militia of Thomas Jefferson.

Political theorist and President, Thomas Jefferson now appears as in the Declaration of Independence, as the Founders left in place the last fail safe, and that is the armed Citizen in the Second Amendment. The Founders were all indicted traitors and if the King of England and his troops had captured any of them, England would have gutted, quartered and hung every one of these American Founders. It is why they vowed to God they placed their lives, their fortunes and their liberty to the Declaration of Independence, as numbers of them were destroyed along with their families in the Revolution.

This is then is Thomas Jefferson's Tree of Liberty watered by the blood of Patriots. When the Constitution is bastardized, when the rule of law ends, when Americans are facing genocide in being replaces by foreigners to prop up the regime which stole the election, it becomes the decision of the rugged individual if they band together, and choose to die by the massive hand of the police state, in the last major gamble of a free society, because that is what a nation is, individual people with rights, either protected or destroyed, and what they will wager is acceptable in a few crumbs for the permission to exist.

The Lame Cherry does not have the insight at this time as to what will befall America.  The Lame Cherry though places this last testament before Americans in their twilight's last gleaming, as I revel in the Inspiration by God in being able to teach you the genius of His Founders of America.

What you are watching and hearing is the dead Republic with gases escaping from the socialist order crypt, as a series of gas ruptures are blowing. There are only a few left in Congress which ends on January 6th, 2021 AD in the year of our Lord, before the Articles will be left behind by Americans, this then moves to the President as Commander in Chief, and if the President establishes tyranny, then the Founders have left this to the Second Amendment, for the individuals to decide if they exist as political slaves of socialism and community organization or if their blood is expendable, if their lives are fodder for prison camps.

The last great test of this was the Civil War, as Alexander Hamliton wrote in the Federalist papers that States have the right to be heard in the Courts and the right to declare war on each other. Two political wills can not occupy the same space. America has been living under the Lincoln theory of Federalized Government since, as centralized power has been corrupted to 2020, and now America will either finish rotting down under the corrupt Joe Biden, be Trumpsmith hammered back into a Union, or face Americans in the police state imprisoning and slaughtering other Americans in this struggle, which will lead to foreign powers scorching thee American plain, and in that the military will be vanquished and disappear for not protecting America as at Valley Forge and Fort Sumter, and this mob by Jeffersonian and Darwinism will fertilize from the decayed body politic, a rugged individual order again as nature builds and breaks down, of a governance by, of and for the People.

All of those who think they can steal this rotted corpse and rule from it, have no idea of the plague they have already contracted as a pale horse comes and hell rides along with it.

This is once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry suggest you copy and print this political discourse as it is Prophecy and a treatise on the Founders which will be your touchstone in the months to come.

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