The Calendar Shows

By Joe Esposito

“The Calendar Shows...”

It is the last week of the year that we would all love to forget. Our hopes were that we would see the re-election of our President who seemingly avoided every obstacle put in his path. His every success was met with such HATRED and WRATH. The PARTY OF HATE and the CORRUPT media made sure of this. In our long history, no one was more DESPISED and EXCORIATED than the man who currently sits in the Oval Office. Despite over three years of the constant pummeling of one Donald Trump his re-election was thought to be a certainty, a foregone conclusion. There was not a doubt about that, very little confusion. Who would be the PARTY OF HATE’S sacrificial lamb? That was the question that needed an answer. Whoever it was did not really matter.

 In elections, it is common knowledge that the Democrats have perfected the ‘art of cheating’ but never on a scale of any great magnitude. The PANDEMIC that hit gave the PARTY OF HATE the excuse that they needed. Mail-in voting and ballot harvesting presented the opportunity for fraud and as we have seen that on a massive scale they have successfully cheated. Right before our eyes, this election was stolen. There is a demand that from Trump we get a concession. There is no way that as President we will accept a Joe Biden. To do so would be utterly appalling. Our best hope is next week when Congress meets and the Vice President oversees the electoral certification.

The political death of Donald J Trump is a tad premature I would have to say as of this moment. I hold out hope that it is he, not that demented DOLT, who will still be our

President. They say hope springs eternal and my feeling has always been if he were to lose it would be in a fair and honest way but it wasn’t. In battleground states, there were acts that were criminal. This moment in our history is a shameful one indeed and future historians will have a field day analyzing every bit of what has taken place. For those of us who are living through it what we have been witnessing is utterly APPALLING and an absolute DISGRACE.

I have said this time and time again we have been cursed with two abominable political parties. One which is so very DANGEROUS to its very core and the other which is made of many who lack a backbone and a damn spine. It is courage that they so lack. Donald J Trump stands alone and above them all. He is a WARRIOR who always has our back. We must now have his back and fight this battle to the bitter end if that is what required. The Republicans turn away for it is BALLS that they have yet not acquired. It is said that you can calculate the worth of a man by the number of his enemies. As we know Donald Trump has plenty of them. They are of all kinds but a majority of them are such sleaze. Our President from the beginning took on the status quo. If you want to make change you will accumulate more than your share of enemies. That, being the case, I think it’s more than a good guess that the worth of our President is priceless.

“The Question Before Us Is..."

What will Vice President Mike Pence do a week from today?” Many argue that he has unique powers to actually reject the results of the six battleground states that are in question. There is a mountain of evidence of fraud in each state. There seems to be little worry that he’ll go rogue. Such is the thinking of those in the PARTY OF HATE. Does Pense have COURAGE inquiring minds would like to know? Days from now we will have the answer. Half of our beloved America hopes this is so. On the sixth of January, a joint session of the new Congress will convene to count the electoral votes and declare the next president. Results will be announced alphabetically by state, and individual representatives and senators may object to those results in writing. There is no doubt that this will indeed be a much-covered event and there is sure to be a lot of nail-biting. All that is needed is one House member and one Senator to object to a state’s electors and that will force all members to go to their chambers and have a two-hour debate. A vote will then be taken to see if those electors will suffer rejection. Half of our country is divided on the question of whether this was a deeply FLAWED and FRAUDULENT election. My fellow patriots, we are all convinced that this was indeed the case. In our minds, there have been so many damn criminal acts that were perpetrated. It’s been an absolute DISGRACE.

There have been several GOP House members who have come forth to say that they will voice an objection but we wait for one Senator to break ranks and do the same. That’s not surprising for the Republicans in the upper chamber are a FECKLESS bunch who are frankly without SHAME. Let no one come forth to challenge and the BALL-less cowardly political party will certainly die a painful death. To expect them to do anything courageous I would not hold my breath. I cannot help myself in painting the same refrain. This is a political party that cannot help itself in causing enormous pain. Mitch McConnell, a most detestable and unlikable RINO has urged no one in his caucus to break ranks. Incredulously he has already extended his hand out to that demented DOLT, Joe Biden. We have seen how quickly he has surrendered. It was clearly a slap in the face of our beleaguered President. There is no GOP Senator that you can actually trust for that is so evident. It should leave all of us in a state of total DISGUST. We hear some talk that the newly elected Senator from Alabama might be the one to issue an objection. If that is the case we’d at least have a debate. The preceding would be circus-like with all of the lowlifes that comprise the PARTY OF HATE.

The dysfunction in our body of politics has very little chance of ever ending. It has been this way for so long and will stay for a long time to come and that is a damn pity. We cannot survive as a Democracy if we have elections that lack integrity. Millions upon millions of Americans have lost faith in our elections, and perilously so. Electoral integrity must be assured. Both political parties must come together to make it easier to vote and put in place strict safeguards against fraud. Methinks that considering the state of our political environment that might be a tad too difficult. What we need is our Vice President to do what must be done and that is to keep the presidency from that demented DOLT!!

Written by Joe Esposito,12/29-30/2020