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At this time joining the American Patriot Union is a two step process. Both steps are easy, quick, and cost nothing but a few minutes of time. This two step process will change in the near future as we build out the features of this website (a good reason to donate!) and integrate the social network with the main website. But for now you have to do two things. First you have to fill out the form below and give us the basic information required. This allows us to register you as a member and add you to our database so we can contact you, send you email updates, and begin building the member transition process that will happen as we merge the two areas of the site. You don't need to worry about providing us with contact information as we will NEVER sell our email lists or compromise your security in any way! The virtue of this Union is key to being able to change the direction of our country. Our common objectives cannot be achieved without a righteous effort! The American Patriot Union must be that righteous effort and impeccable in all of its dealings, both with our members and with those we interface.

The second step is done through the link at the bottom of the form by clicking on the button marked 'Step 2'. Clicking the button will take you to our Mighty Networks Social Network where you will need to join it and create your Social Network profile. When joining the Social Network please only create one account. Each member can only have one account because that validates any polling data we collect and lends force to it as we begin working for change in our government. When we merge the Social Net with the main site we'll weed out any duplicate accounts anyway... so why bother?

We are delighted that you've decided to join us. The American Patriot Union will grow to millions of members with your support and assistance. We do need help financially... so if you can donate something, please do. But there is no monetary obligation to join or be a part of this revolutionary movement. Now let's get started saving our country!

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