American Patriot Union Declaration

Restoring Virtue andProsperity Through the Power of Patriots United!

The Agenda of the Patriot Union

This document is a declaration of purpose for forming an American Patriot Union. It will describe the reasons for forming the union and the agenda of the union. 

The Federal Government has become so large and powerful that it now threatens Liberty and Justice.  It has become a thing that the Constitution that America was founded on sought to prevent… a centralized power controlling the affairs of American’s lives. Originally constrained by the ‘enumerated powers’ (Article 1, Section 8) to controlling foreign trade and foreign affairs, it is now dictating to all of the States and to all citizens. And the inefficiency and corruption that is inherent to gigantic bureaucracies has now become apparent in virtually all of its business.

Additionally, the process of legislation at the Federal level has become controlled by leaders singularly focused on maintaining the status quo. Elected congress people arrive in US Congress to face an oligarchy that has no intention of permitting change. And so, we are without representation in the Federal Government. The Federal Government now threatens the very existence of America.   

American culture has fragmented and is now comprised of many political factions and ideologies as well as cultural lifestyles. Socialism and Progressivism have produced an organized Left that has been working for generations to take control of the news media and our public institutions. The vast majority of journalists in the predominant news media are Leftists and our news publications and presentations have silenced the voices of American Patriots, and the voices of Christians and Conservatives, producing a propagandized version of the news that is consumed by most Americans. The consequence of the corruption of the Federal Government and the news media and other public institutions means that the millions of patriotic Americans that are opposed to these realities are silenced and marginalized to the point of being irrelevant to the process. The one group capable of redirecting America back to its purpose in providing Liberty and Justice has become sidelined and voiceless. 

The history of unions shows that they are useful for providing collective strength to fight against tyranny. It is imperative therefore that the millions of voiceless Americans be organized into a union and through their collective strength regain a voice and power to affect change in our governments. The ultimate goal of the Patriot Union is to see the restoration of a Constitutional America according to the Founder’s vision and thus to see Liberty and Justice restored. The Constitution is the rallying point and all of the business of the Union must align with the Constitution’s guidance. The agenda of the union, defined in the enumerated points below, are all aligned by the Constitution.

The Union will serve to see the goals and ambitions of the members of the union in the fight to restore a Constitutional America realized. The Constitution is more than a set of governing rules, it is a vision of a way for people to live Free and Just. It is a set of ideals that put forward a relationship between the citizens and the institutional government that sets that government in the proper place in the whole of society. It is a way for people to sustain freedom despite the tendency of power to be centralized and corrupted. It sets up a government of the people, by the people, for the people. And that is the government we seek to restore by this Patriot Union. And toward that end we are united behind an agenda.

Union Agenda:

1. We, the American People, are the power of Government and only our Will, by majority rule, can dictate the direction and actions of the Federal Government. No agencies of the Federal Institution can overrule our Will and our Authority and we reject any efforts by any agency to supersede us.

2. We seek to reform our government and see the proper balance of power restored between the sovereign States and the Federal Government per the Constitution. Article 1 Section 8 and the 10th Amendment define that relationship. Restoring State Sovereignty is the hedge to prevent Federal overreach.

3. We seek to reform our education system. The political involvement at the Federal level in public education has produced a system controlled by political perspectives rather than delivering a sound, factual and honest education. Not only is the public education system under performing but it is actually being manipulated to present propagandized political perspective. The goal of the Patriot Union is to see legitimate education systems and choices made available to the people of America so as to ensure that our young people understand the distinctions of the American ideal and what it means to be an American citizen.

4. We seek to reform our Immigration system to seeing that politics is removed from this matter and that a legitimate enforcement of Federal Law and utilization of the Federal apparatus is established. This includes all legislative measures and changes needed to end the ability for immigrants to enter the country without being properly vetted to assure they are safe to enter America. Immigration reform also means a proper preparation for those that intend to remain in America to become Americans with a full understanding of the vision of America.

5. We declare that the Federal Budget must be balanced and that the National Debt be paid off and that proper fiscal management be instituted either by law or by Amendment to the Constitution.

6. We demand legitimacy in the Press. It is the responsibility of the Press to defend the Constitution by reporting the truth without political bias. And the Press cannot act as an arm of any political Party or agency to affect the will of that Party or agency. We understand that the Press must be Free… but the Press must also tell the Truth… the facts and only the facts, without omission or contrivance.

7. We demand legitimacy in the operations of the US Congress to represent the People of America. Essential to this are:

a. Campaign Finance Reform
b. Validation of the Voting Process (Fair Elections)
c. Legislative Process Reform (Ending Political Control)

We demand therefore, reform in the Election process to ensure that every vote is legitimate, that our elected Representatives do not act in the interests of any group or individual but for the WHOLE of the American People. Therefore, we demand campaign finance reform to ensure that no elected representative can be coerced to misrepresent their constituencies. Elected Representatives are elected to Serve the People… not to gain access to priority, or prosper, or receive special benefits. Whatever laws are passed by Congress will be obeyed by Congress. America’s political leaders are required to swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. This means they must understand the Constitution thoroughly. No Bill shall ever be voted on without the Representative having full knowledge of the content of the Bill and be able to argue its Constitutional authority, and if it is shown that they do not it is a failure of office for which they will be removed from office. Congressional salaries will be voted on by referendum and the People will decide what their elected representatives are paid.

8. We demand reform in our government to provide for our heroes, American Veterans, that are suffering with lack of proper medical care and psychological care.  Our veterans are our national pride and must not be permitted to suffer in disgrace and disrespect.

9. We demand that the intent of the 2nd Amendment be realized in America. Militias must exist in every State and every County that are ‘well regulated’.  Well regulated means properly trained and equipped and working in concert with local Law Enforcement but not under its strict authority.  The Founders intended for Americans to provide their own security and ‘shall not be infringed’ is an absolute mandate of the Constitution.  

10. We demand Justice in the operations of our government. We demand that any elected official who breaks the law or is guilty of manipulating the office of power to thwart the legitimate efforts of Congress or the Good or the Will of the People be removed from office and never again be permitted to run for public office. The oath to uphold the Constitution is a solemn oath and those that betray that oath are not fit to serve in public office.The political class is not elite and must be treated equally in the eyes of thelaw.

These 10 items are the basic agenda of the Patriot Union. They encompass many arenas and many levels of government. They assert that corruption cannot exist in a government whose very purpose is Liberty and Justice. They assert that too many ruling institutions are now dictating the affairs of the lives of Americans and that in a government by the People it must be the people that govern and that their voices alone are to guide the policy and direction of America.The Union of American Patriots will work to pull all Americans to support this agenda and through our collective strength see these goals achieved and Liberty and Justice restored.

Americans United Against Tyranny

The American Patriot Union