The Patriot Union Logo

What It Represents

The American Patriot Union logo is composed of some universal symbols. Here's an explanation of what they represent:

The outer box is derived from the universal symbol for unity. It is 4 arms that are interlocked where the 'hands', represented by 4 'fingers' are grasping the adjacent 'arm'.

The colors, red, white and blue, including the white stars, represent 'Old Glory', the American flag.

In the middle of the outer box there is a red field with a white cross imposed on it, with a golden star in the middle. The red field represents the blood of Patriots shed for this country. The white cross represents the Christian cross of Christ. And the gold star represents the virtues and values of Truth, Freedom and Justice, on which America depends for survival.

Imposed on the arms are the words, 'Americans United Against Tyranny', which is what we are as well as the name of the parent organization. And the words 'Patriot Union' are imposed in the center field, which is the objective of the organization.

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