About Americans United Against Tyranny

The Organization

About The Organization

Americans United Against Tyranny (AUAT) is a non profit corporation established in the State of Texas. It was established in 2011. Since 2010 the leaders of this effort have been engaged in working together with various Patriotic efforts and forming the vision of the American Patriot Union. AUAT is the organization and the American Patriot Union is its objective.

Our Standard

Any endeavor to restore American ideals must be driven by the highest values of virtue, self-sacrifice and service. AUAT and the Patriot Union are an effort to set America right both in spirit and in substance. The battle for America is against dark forces and only the highest standards of integrity have any hope to prevail against them. So, the organization and its leadership are committed to being representative of those high standards... and with the help of our Divine Creator we are committed to our endeavors being true to His Will and Purpose.


Because America will perish if the good and right thinking people do not take a stand. What we are providing is a vehicle... a means for American Patriots to unite and be a compelling force in the direction of our country... to restore our institutions... and to be a beacon of hope, virtue and prosperity in a world that so desperately needs it.

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