Patriot Polls

The Voice of the People Magnified!

When this page is complete it will be the place you can come and find polls being conducted both by the Patriot Union and by member agencies. Polls will be one of the most powerful tools of the Union because polls show what we think, what we want, and how we want to see the things we want realized. Polling through this website will have a much more forceful impact on America because they won't just be done to show how we think. They will have 'teeth' because the results of those polls will drive action through initiatives and lobbying efforts to see laws produced when needed and changed or repealed when they are contrary to America's good.

Members will be able to come to this page and find polls through a search function on any topic they select that is relevant to the Patriot Union's agenda. So this will allow our members to add their voice to the millions of other members that have spoken. Once a member has voted in a poll they will be kept up to date through the Patriot Union Social Network. They will learn what the Union organization is doing to carry their voice to those that need to hear it. And further, they will learn how those that needed to hear it acted on it!.. or didn't act on it!

Building these resources will help unite us and make us all stronger!

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