Patriot Events

What's Goin' On?

This page will provide searchable lists of links to information about events, organized by topic, that Union members and member agencies have provided that they feel Patriots will want to be involved in or support. The information may be relevant to events, rallies, seminars, or any other activity. So this page will be a resource where members can search on a topic and find everything going on in their area, or nationwide, that is relevant.

When the Patriot Union Social Network platform is fully developed any events that members have identified they are interested in will deliver updates to their timeline. This means that you won't forget them or miss being able to attend. It will be sort of like having a calendar of events that is brought to your attention through your social network. This is one more way that our Social Network will make all members activists 'at the click of a button'!

Building these resources will help unite us and make us all stronger!

Help us build this Patriot Union by joining and/or donating!