Patriot Boycotts

Pulling Support From Those That Betray America!

When this page is complete it will be the place you can come and discover organizations and individuals that we, as Patriots, are advocating to boycott. Those targeted in the list will be some that the Patriot Union has identified and those that Union members have added to the list. Withdrawing support, financial or otherwise, from those that have chosen to turn their backs on America is a very powerful tool. We have already seen how powerful it can be in various spontaneous boycotts, such as the boycott of the NFL and of Target, at forcing change. The lists that will be found on this page will name the individual or organization being boycotted, their advertisers, and why we are endorsing the boycott. Links will also be provided so that members can access information that is relevant, such as documents or videos that substantiate the reason for the boycott, and make up their minds whether to boycott them themselves. And when we win... when the boycott is no longer being promoted... we will provide links to the reasons for that too.

Building these resources will help unite us and make us all stronger!

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