Patriot Rallies

What's Goin' On?

When this page is complete it will be the place you can come to and discover what rallies are being held in your area, or around the country, on any event. They may be protest rallies, rallies to support initiatives, or celebrations of all things American. Too many times the rallies we stage are poorly attended simply because not enough people know about them and don't show their support. This page will allow us to show support, not only by finding out about them and going, but by signing petitions of support, viewing live streams of the rally, and more.

Rally organizers will use this resource to promote their efforts and they will also be able to reach Union members through the Patriot Union's social network (also still under construction) to advertise their effort. This is how we can make our voices heard even when we can't attend a rally we support. And when a member has selected a Rally they are interested in attending, information about the rally will be delivered right into their timeline. This is how we can all stay engaged and be active in the fight for our country!

Building these resources will help unite us and make us all stronger!

Help us build this Patriot Union by joining and/or donating!