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Veterans 365

Veterans-365 is an American and Patriotic Flag Subscription Company. This is the best opportunity for Patriotic Americans to show their loyalty and pride for America without all of the day to day hassle of putting up and taking down the flag day after day. Here’s how the subscription works:

Subscribers can choose between three subscription levels, once you become a subscriber/member, within 7-10 days a Veterans-365 employee will arrive at your house, install a two flag mount and the light where you designate, place a brand new American flag in the mount, adjust the light to ensure “Old Glory” is properly illuminated and shines as bright at night as she does during the day.

Once the flag is properly mounted and your flag is proudly waving, Veterans-365 will send out an inspector every other month to do a thorough inspection of the mount, pole, flag, fasteners, and light, and if we find any discrepancies, we will repair or replace the defective parts. If the flag is found to be torn, ripped or damaged in any way we will gladly replace it, all this at no charge to you.

This maintenance continues as long as you remain a “Member in Good Standing.” That’s it, it’s that easy. When you subscribe to Veterans-365 American and Patriotic Flag Services, you never again have to worry about your flag or any part of the mount, pole or the light, we take care of it for you, and you get to proudly hold your head high each time you walk out of your house and Old Glory is there to wish you a good day, and she is always the first one there wishing you a huge WELCOME HOME when you return.

As an added bonus for our subscribers, there are six Patriotic Holiday’s per year, during the month of each of these holidays at the beginning of the month, Veterans-365 will come out and post another flag representing that specific holiday right next to your American Flag. So now you not only get to display your Patriotism flying the American flag, you get to put your Patriotism on steroids when you neighbors see two flags proudly flying over your house.

Now, here comes the best part of this whole offer, not only are you displaying your Patriotism and Pride for America, you are helping out our veterans also. Veterans-365 gives a substantial portion of our generated revenues to various veterans’ organizations who are dedicated at providing them the help they need to combat mental/physical disabilities, financial and employment hardships, and worst of all, homelessness. Veterans-365 is a hard-charger when it comes to taking care of our veterans, whether they are just retuning from combat or they have long since left the military service but still suffer the many side effects of service to our country. When it comes to ending the many issues our veterans face day in and day out, we are “IN IT, TO WIN IT!”

Sign up for a Veterans-365 Flag Subscription and help us achieve our goal of having an American Flag Proudly Waving over every single house on every single street in every neighborhood and community in every state of the union. Sign up today so together, we can put an end to veteran homelessness, veteran suicide, veteran drug and alcohol addiction, and the many mental/medical and financial hardships they have to deal with. Remember, just because the government that these men and women have sacrificed for has turned its back on them doesn’t in any way mean we have to do the same. Join Today.