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Veterans 365

“Using the Power of the Sea to Ease the Burden of the Many Issues Veterans Face Daily”

At Veterans-365, we organize saltwater fishing adventures and related activities for veterans, from every era and from all branches of the military to experience the greatest healer of them all, the Sea! This connection includes forming peer-to-peer healing groups of like-minded individuals along with teaching them a skill and developing a passion they can continue for a lifetime.

Veterans-365 began in 2016 as an idea working toward getting Veteran’s fishing and participating in a variety of beach/saltwater related activities. In 2020 the organization grew and expanded. Putting in every ounce of energy the leadership had at making sure to produce the finest quality saltwater fishing adventures, activities, and events for our Veterans. Today, Veterans-365 serves veterans across the state providing an outreach using our fishing and related outdoor adventures, activities, and events as a way of reaching out and finding those Veterans that need our help. What started off as a simple idea to help veterans get out on the water and outdoors is slowly transforming into a lifestyle that Veterans-365 lives and breathes every day.

Here is a list of some of the Adventures, Activities, and Events We Produce:

Coastal Conservation/Preservation Efforts

Guided/Non-Guided Fishing Trips (Saltwater)

Camping Trips

Horseback Riding/Trail Rides

Bicycling Trips

Jeep Runs

Motorcycle Runs

Water Sports

And More

The members of Veterans-365 enjoy being on the water, enjoy being outdoors, enjoy being involved in our community service projects, and enjoy the company of other Veterans. The focus of Veterans-365 is to provide Veterans the finest quality saltwater fishing adventures, activities, and events surrounded by the healing powers of the sea, taking in ALL it has to offer. All of our events, adventures, and activities are all designed to provide the Veterans the tools and resources they need for a successful “Peer-To-Peer” Healing Experience that helps themselves, other Veterans, and the Communities.