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Tactical Civics

We’re not asking you to play superhero. Our chapter founders (the first member in their county) include men and women from their late 20s to their mid 80s, from all walks of life. If you have a heart for this republic, you can do this! As the original Founder of your county chapter, you host no meetings or events yet; you simply learn and spread the word to help build our network in all 3,141 counties.

We teach you the civics and tactical plan. We give you all you need to spread the good news so others can take responsibility in your chapter with you…and in their county, too, when you reach out to friends in other counties.  

Before we can do our major action projects, we need a network of Americans who know basic civics, and who WILL NOT QUIT. Babies learn to sit up and to crawl before they walk, and they walk before they run. We aren’t asking a newborn to run a marathon and fly a fighter jet.

Survey the field for yourself; you will discover that TACTICAL CIVICS™ is the only full-spectrum, long-term action plan in the Republic.