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Our First Right

Our First Right is a formative nonprofit coalition with a single objective: get 27 more state legislatures to ratify the original First Right in the Bill of Rights, stipulating small congressional districts, so that all Americans will be represented in the U.S. House and Electoral College.

Already ratified by 11 states, Our First Right is the only article of the 12 in the original Bill of Rights that has not been fully ratified by the states.

We need more board members who have experience leading a nonprofit, to join our board. Please consider serving! If you have interest in serving on the board, send a letter of interest with your bio to and we will be in contact as soon as we can.

On this website you can sign up your organization as a co-sponsor, volunteer for Capitol Action Teams, arrange for an Our First Right workshop at your state capitol, read the blog and click on the interactive map for updates by state, make a donation, and purchase OFR branded goods and apparel to spread the great news.

Our booklet explaining the history of the original First Right in the Bill of Rights is available HERE from Amazon, or download the free PDF edition HERE.

Why should your organization join this coalition? Because small congressional districts will benefit every American, regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs. We The People ā€” Left, Right and Center ā€” can arrest the power of D.C. lobbyists and corporations and restore our U.S. House of Representatives to its original purpose: representing The People.

Join our social media groups on MeWe and Facebook and help your fellow Americans finally turn Washington DCā€™s divide-and-conquer tactic in favor of the People!!