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A Compelling Story Of Heroes

The story of LaVoy Finicum is the story of a man that saw the "dark storm clouds gathering" in America and was driven to make his stand for freedom. His fight began when the Bureau of Land Management started working to force him and other ranchers off of land their families had used for generations. The tyranny exercised by the Federal Government threatened these rancher's families and their livelihood. Together with the Bundy and Hammond families they began a campaign to bring attention to the plight of these rancher families in their dealings with the BLM.

No one imagined the course their stand would take. It cost him his life as he was murdered by Oregon State Police officers in a trap that was set for him. We at the Patriot Union encourage everyone to know his story... to support these efforts to make people aware of their fight against Federal tyranny. There's so much that must change in this country. And it is certain that many of us may die in the fight. Please learn about LaVoy and his valiant efforts to secure our heritage. His family, his children and loved ones, mourn his loss but we also celebrate his valor and sacrifice.

His wife and daughters and extended family have taken up the cause he fought and died for. You can learn more of their effort and find ways to support them through the website.